My name is Kaliste Razzano, and I’m your average American woman living to fulfill an extraordinary purpose. When you walk with God, you can do the impossible.



• Depression
• Obesity
• Food addiction
• Eating Disorder
• Poverty
• Living Paycheck to Paycheck
• Hashimoto’s Disease
• Chronic Epstein-Barr


• Christ-centered life
• Wonderful Godly husband
• 4 Beautiful Fur Babies
• Clean Eating Kitchenista
• Weight Lifter
• Passion for Helping Other Women
• Self-Employed Entrepreneur
• Road to Financial Freedom
• Overcoming hormonal imbalances
• Healthy Mindset


I’m a Texas-based fur mommy who loves learning new recipes, helping other people learn more about how to live healthy lives, and watching Netflix on my crazy Friday nights on the couch. 


Growing up in a home where we always ate “healthy” home cooked meals, nobody could figure out why I struggled with obesity and high blood pressure as a child, going on to struggle with a Mono-induced destruction of my immune system as a teenager, which caused me to drop out of school and become homeschooled. I continued to struggle with my weight and health, suffering from extreme debilitating exhaustion that isn’t typical for teens to have, and nobody could figure out why I wasn’t quite getting better.

After graduating high school, I started learning more and more about nutrition, and my passion for health ignited as I learned how what I THOUGHT was healthy food could actually be making everything worse!

Diagnosed with PCOS in 2008 and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in 2013, years of going to different doctors and being told all I had was depression came to an end and I started being able to set up a specific plan of action to heal my body and my hormones from the inside out.

With a lot of patience, time, trial and error, and support from my husband Nate, I have slowly but surely improved my hormonal levels, inflammation levels, overall energy, and managed to turn my “uncontrollable weight gain” and inability to lose fat around – and have successfully lost over 55 pounds (which is a lot because I am only 5’2)!

Now, it is my passion to share my journey with others as a health and fitness coach, with the hopes that I can help inspire and educate other women with what it takes to reach all of their goals and more, while loving themselves along the way!

The biggest bit of encouragement I love to give women is that if I can do it, so can they!

I am a daughter of Christ. I am a wife to an amazing husband. I am an overcomer. I am here to be your friend.